The Future of HHNVAULT

Official Statement - 12/11/2019

We have spent the past 5 years planning and building what we believe to be the most immersive and comprehensive Halloween Horror Nights™ database on the internet while laying out our ideas of what this community could and should be.

We ended up building not just a 'loveletter' (our codeword for the project) to Horror Nights and its community... but also a bad-ass user experience that will lay the foundation for something special.

While staying up late at night working on the new site, we began to realize something –
HORROR cannot be contained.

Inadvertently we created a colossal monster in the process. We knew that for many, Halloween Horror Nights™ is the industry leader for Halloween and horror events... but there are many other events that cut deeper than just Universal, and Haunt Fandom is far more prevalent. Horror Nights is a proverbial drop of blood in a crimson sea of haunts, and as we began getting pulled into THE VAULT deeper and deeper we began to understand what needed to be done... the website we built could serve as something far greater. Something larger. Something much more terrifying.

Upon this realization, we halted work immediately on HHNVAULT, and doing what we believed best, we delayed the opening of HHNVAULT to steer our course towards what will become the internet’s largest haunt community – spanning not just all four Halloween Horror Nights™ events, but all theme park haunted events across the globe.

With that, we would like to formally announce the new horror lurking ahead...

Horror Unleashed. EVERYWHERE.™

So... what does that mean for HHNVAULT?
HHNVAULT will forever be in our hearts, and was really the catalyst that pushed us to grow into HAUNTVAULT. Although we are retiring the HHNVAULT name, the legacy will live on HAUNTVAULT.

Our main focus will remain Halloween Horror Nights™ - and we have many surprises in store for fans of the event - but we will be opening up THE VAULT to other theme park haunts such as Knott's Scary Farm™ and Howl-O-Scream™.

Our new Twitter account (@HAUNTVAULT) will be the place for all upcoming site news, but we plan to keep the @HHNVAULT handle alive for a dedicated Halloween Horror Nights™ feed.
When does HAUNTVAULT open, already?!
Ugh... we know. First off, from the entire HHNVAULT/HAUNTVAULT Team, we apologize for missing the Haunt Season 2019 deadline that we set for ourselves. In actuality, the site was almost complete when we began running into some situations that made us really think about the future of the site. Our decision was to revisit an idea that dR.fReAK had in 2009 which was to expand HHNVAULT into a global site, creating the world's largest haunt community in the process. Long story short... we're working on it. Keep an eye on our social media (new and fancy @HAUNTVAULT) for more details, and sneak peeks.
Is Pre-Registration Closed?
Yes, for now it is. We were literally shocked by how much love and support you all showed us by registering. The hundreds of HHNVAULT Society Members truly warmed our cold/dead hearts. Rest assured, if you Pre-Registered for the site, your spot is automatically saved in line. All of your data will be ported over (securely, of course) to HAUNTVAULT when it opens. You won't need to take any action for that to happen.
How can I get more information?
For those who Pre-Registered for the site and became our first HHNVAULT Society Members - you will always be our focus, and will get the news/updates first, before anyone else. For everyone else, stay tuned to our social media channels (@HAUNTVAULT) and our Discord for updates and details.